Letters from people who love liquor™

I am a club kid trapped in the stateof Kansas (for the time beiing)...HELP ME!!! There is not alot (understatement) ofstores that cater to my constant needto purchase hip clothes. Please send me your catalogue and or stickers to helpsupport my habit and my search for differentand unusual clothes.
Sincerely, Kimberly, KA

I am writing Liquor because Liquor kicks ass!Its "The coolest little company on earth" So if you could be so kind as to send me somestickers and a catalog I would give you a buck.Thank you so very much.
BillyChater, MB, Canada

I have one of your t-shirts and it is my favorite.
BillVienna, OH

To whom it may concern, I was wonderingif I could receive a catalog from you.I am totally interested in your fat clothing. You are the coolest little company on earth.I will help support it . Thanks for your help!Keep it going.

Please send all info and stickers. I love beer and I love skating.
Thanx.XavierMiami, FL

Dear Liquor Corp,What's up? Hey I was wondering ifyou can kick me down with a coupleof you stickers and a catalog so ican hook up with some bad ass clothing and stuff.
Thanx! AmySalida, CA

If you dig liquor™ products feel free to send us a letter or an email.


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